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Breast Reduction

Reduction mammaplasty (breast reduction) is the surgical reduction of the breast tissue, and re-tailoring of the overlying skin. It includes correcting the droopy breast and removing excess skin. The operation involves cutting around the nipple, leaving it attached to the chest wall by a stalk of breast tissue, removing excess skin and glandular tissue in a reduction, and closing the re-shaped breast.

With good skin tone, a moderate reduction can be done with a scar going round the outer border of the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) only, or even with liposuction only. Most patients also need an incision down the lower surface of the breast, joining the nipple incision to one along the fold beneath the breast. The most visible part of the resultant scar is that joining the nipple area to the lower border of the breast. Ironically, if your breasts are very droopy, you may be able to eliminate this incision and have a “no vertical scar” breast reduction. There would only be a circular scar around the nipple and a separate scar in the fold under the breast

Breast ReductionWho is it for?

Large breasts can cause a variety of problems. Clothes do not fit as well, heavy bra straps cut into the shoulders, altered posture causes neck and back pain and the skin under the breast can become irritated. Active sports and jogging become uncomfortable for the large breasted woman. If you suffer from any of problems, breast reduction could be helpful.

Droopy breasts and overly large nipple areas are corrected to improve the appearance.

What to expect

Reduction mammaplasty is performed under general anesthesia, typically as an outpatient.

A dressing is worn under the bra for a week or so, and vigorous activity or lying on the breasts should be avoided for four to six weeks. This will minimize stretching of the scars. Most patients return to work one or two weeks after surgery.

With more limited incisions, the skin may initially be bunched up or pleated along the incision line. This will usually settle over about three months.

After reduction mammaplasty, you may still able to breast feed. It is however safer to assume that you may not be able to produce sufficient milk for any future child. Some degree nipple numbness is also expected following reduction.

Breast reduction results in a very high percentage of satisfied patients. Women are happy to have relief from the physical symptoms caused by large breasts. You may also be glad to no longer attract unwelcome comments, and clothing will fit you better because you are proportionate

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